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About Rasa Gurukul

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Rasa Gurukul (home of the guru) is an exciting new tourism project in Kerala, unlike any other. Born out of a passion to share and preserve beautiful food, and culture, Rasa introduces visitors to the story of Kerala. With it’s own on-site organic food and a Kitchen staffed by young Indians trained by a world famous chef – this is a place that you must visit to truly experience.

The Opportunity

Rasa Gurukul came to us through a referral from another client. They wanted a website that would share the story of Rasa Gurukul. It was important that the new website would help visitors discover the various unique aspects of the resort, including it’s food, cultural activities, organic farm and Ayurvedic treatment facilities. The website also had to maintain the styling of the Rasa brand – which is centered on a colour theme of pink.

Our Solution

After a number of online discussions and video calls with the client to understand the scope and content requirements for the website, we presented the client with a design in wireframe format.

Wireframing in an integral part of our process, allowing rapid changes of design and content requirements. Our final solution is a website that specifically highlights the various unique aspects of the property and experience of staying at Rasa Gurukul.

The Results

After our process of wireframing, color mockup and development, the final result was an exciting new website. The website continues the pink theme of the Rasa brand, incorporates the use of video, large full height hero images and design specifically to take the user on a journey around the various aspects of the resort. The website also incorporates an online booking engine which is connected as well as managing all direct bookings.
Some of the highlights of this design are as follows:

  • Large full height hero images
  • Pink theme to follow Rasa brand guidlines
  • Subtle use of video and animation
  • Full Social Media link up
  • Full connection with a online channel manager
  • Website Blog

Rasa Gurukul

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