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About Fusion Church

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Fusion is a vibrant and fast growing christian church based out of Somers Point in New Jersey. With a large congregation and expanding locations they are one of a new generation of churches in New Jersey.

The Opportunity

Fusion came to us looking for a complete re-design of their website. They wanted a website that would portray to the viewer a sense of the “experience” of Fusion Church. They also wanted the viewer to get a “snapshot” of weekly life at Fusion. FInally creating a platform for the broadcasting of their weekly services was important

Our Solution

As with every project we begin with face to face discussion. From these discussion we create a recommended solution. For Fusion we suggested the following solutions:

  • Branding Advice
  • Creative Consulting
  • Web design

The Results

The client accept our recommendations and after a period of design and build, the final result was a highly visual website. Some of the highlights of this design are as follows:

  • Fullscreen media in all pages
  • Colour co-ordinated
  • Fullscreen video homepage – gives sense of experience and “presence”
  • Instagram Connection
  • Floating Content Bands
  • Weekly “Live” Countdown

Fusion Church

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