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About Entrepreneurs of India

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Entrepreneurs of India is a new service aimed to encourage and enable young Indian entrepreneurs to take the risk of becoming an entrepreneur and start solving problems they encounter in India. The service started on Instagram by posting meaningful quotes and advice for new and yet-to-be entrepreneurs. The service, also know as EOIndia came to us for a website to grow their online presence and to enable them to start offering a service beyond Instagram.

The Opportunity

EOIndia did not have an online web presence when they first came to Talent10, nor did they have a lot of content to immediately place online. What they wanted was a website that they could grow step by step as they invested time and energy into new offerings and services. It was clear that a modern design was needed and one that could be adapted easily. Instagram was the main source of their growth, therefore the website would need a strong visual connection to Instagram.

Our Solution

As with every project, we begin with face to face discussion. From these discussions we create a recommended solution. For EOIndia we recommended a clean modern design with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach. This ensured that the website could be easily changed in the future and little wasted resource is placed in custom design that will likely change in the near future. Custom post types were created to easily capture and display the information from their #startupstories feature. A strong visual connection to Social Media was designed into the site.

The Results

The final result of the EOIndia website is different from most of our other projects as more emphasis was placed on adaptability rather than custom design. This was deliberate to allow the company to rapidly experiment with new services without needing to redesign the website. However, the website maintains a highly visual approach taking queues from Instagram origins of the organization. Certain parts of the website were developed, but left in draft unpublish state, to allow EOIndia to publish when they are ready to launch these future services


  • Highly visual
  • Strong Instagram emphasis
  • Custom post types for #startupstories
  • Unpublished sections for future features
  • Adwords Ready

Entrepreneurs of India

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