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About Al Salama Hospital

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Al Salama is one of India’s biggest hospital and training organizations. Al Salama provides a diverse range of health and training services. They operate a number of eye hospitals and optical colleges as well as retail chains and other teaching institutions.

The Opportunity

Al Salama came to Talent10 with a number of problems. Over years of incremental growth, Al Salama had launched a number of hospitals and teaching facilities in different physical locations. The resulting web presence was inconsistent in quality and branding. They wanted advice and guidance in bringing all of the various operations and businesses under a coherent brand image and web presence.

Our Solution

Our initial process with Al Salama involved a number of face to face meetings with senior management from across their various divisions to gather evidence of problems and discuss potential solutions. Information collected and recommendations offered were collated into a management report on the “Way Forward” for Al Salama’s future web presence and brand image. This document recommended the following solutions:

  • New cohesive branding to be used across various divisions
  • Using color to distinguish various service domains, such as health care and education
  • New intuitive and SEO friendly domain names to be purchased
  • Increase in use of web booking facilities
  • Detailed information for clients about various health problems and solutions
  • Combining three hospital websites into 1 with options to book at various locations

The Results

The result was a completely rebranded online presence that created a significant increase in customer inquiries. Highlights include:

  • Highly branded web pages
  • Blue color theme to emphasize a calming environment for their medical services
  • Color co-ordinated logo
  • Highly prominent information on services offered
  • Web booking facility

Al Salama Hospital

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